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We are the UK’s premier sourcing and importing specialist of ex-US Military Surplus Humvee’s (HMMWV’s).

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The Humvee is the original vehicle that the now legendary, and increasingly valuable, civilian Hummer H1’s were based on.

The US Military has now retired the Humvee and after years of scrapping them they are now selling them off as Military Surplus via auction.

Although non-US citizens can buy and export other vehicles previously owned by Uncle Sam the same does not apply to Humvee’s.

Only US citizens can bid and buy Humvee’s at auction and even then they cannot be exported as they are designated a ‘Q Code’ when demilitarised. This means they cannot be exported outside of the US;  ‘Mutilation to the point of scrap required outside the United States.’

If you have ever dreamed of owning one of these truly awesome vehicles, the likes of which will unlikely be built again, then HumveeUK can help you own your very own piece of American Military History!

Find details on how to buy a Humvee on our Buying Options page. We usually have fully prepared refurbished and UK registered Humvees for sale here in the UK, take a look on Current Stock or contact us for more information.

We are now able to offer specialist vehicle paint in US Military colours, Humvee parts and  t-shirts and hoodies.

Why not check out our Resources page where you will find link to other sites, documents and articles offering a whole wealth of information on military vehicles past and present.

UK Humvee for sale

As well as sourcing Humvees, we can also source other ex-US Military vehicles and parts. Take a look on our Buying Options page for more details.

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If you are interested in seeing an Ex-US Military Humvee transformed into an off road camper, check out the new series of Wheeler Dealers on Monday 2nd January at 9pm on Discovery Channel. We bumped into Mike Brewer and Edd China while picking up and filming the Humvee, pictured, for their new series of Wheeler Dealers.

UK Humvee for sale