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We are extremely lucky to have privileged access to Humvee holding stocks which allow  us to hand pick vehicles to your specification.

Currently we are able to supply ‘4-man soft tops’, ‘2-man soft top/ troop carrier’ and ‘4-man helmet tops’.  Currently we are not able to source ‘Humvee slantbacks’, however we can source the parts to upgrade your Humvee to a slantback.  Be warned; this is not a cheap upgrade!

Humvee As it Comes

 From  £15,950

For those who just want an authentic untouched Humvee then this is your perfect option. We will select the vehicle based on your requirements. We take care of all the shipping requirements, export licence fees and UK import duties and taxes.

UK Registered, taxed and MOT’d From £18,950

This includes the inspection and selection of a vehicle based on your requirements. US transportation to departure port. All export licensing, shipping, import duties and taxes and customs clearance.

Once it reaches the UK your vehicle will undergo a basic service and undergo electrical and lighting modifications to meet UK regulations.  We also include a full MOT and UK registration, even 6 months road tax is included!

We take care of everything from door to door, so all you have to do is sit back and look forward to driving your very own piece of military history!

For more information please send us an email


There are three ways we can help you buy a Humvee for less than you might think!

Buy from our UK stock

The fastest and easiest way to buy your very own Humvee is from our stock, when available, of vehicles that are already here in the UK.

Prices start from just £24,950

Our stock vehicles have been overhauled, are fully serviced, repainted and include UK registration, MOT and 6 months road tax.

Take a look on our Current Stock page for details of Humvee’s for sale or email us.

Let us source your

perfect vehicle

Other Military Vehicles & Parts

Don’t forget, we can also source other ex-US military vehicles and specialised parts. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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